Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary

Location : Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Chittoor district at a distance of 60 kilometers from Chittoor and about 30 kilometers from the city of Kolar Gold Fields. 

And also this is just  87 km form Horsley Hills.

The sanctuary encompasses an area of about 358 square kilometer and features rugged terrain with high hills and deep valleys. Kaigal and Kaundinya streams flowing through the sanctuary is the lifeline of the area. The best way of having a close look at the flora and fauna of Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary is to take a jeep safari tour. The tour takes tourists in close proximity to the natural dwellings of the wild animals and offers numerous photography opportunities.


The main attraction at of the wild animals is the elephants which have returned after 200 years. In the last decade or so, elephants have been migrating more than ever before, looking for habitable forests. As-of-now there is more than 50 elephants in the sanctuary. 

Besides this, wide variety of animals like the Chital, the Four-horned Antelope, the Sambar Deer, mouse deers, hares, porcupines, wild boars, the Jungle Cat, jackals, the Sloth Bear, jungle fowl, and peafowl are also found here. 

The flora consists of Albizia amara, Ficus religiosa, Ficus tomentosa, Ficus bengalensis and bamboo.

How to Reach
Air     - Hyderabad, Tirupati, Chennai, Bangalore (120km) Airports
Road - Palamaneru is well connected to Chittoor by Road
Rail    - Palamaneru is located 41 km from Chittoor Railhead.