Sri Rameswaram (also known as Mukthi Rameswaram and Ramalingeswaram, Proddatur, Kadapa Dist.

Location : The temple of Sri Rameswaram (also known as Mukthi Rameswaram and Ramalingeswaram) is located at Proddatur town in the Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh.

The temple is very famous all over the state and country as people who start their pilgrimage towards Varanasi (Kasi) visit this temple to make their trip complete. The temple is closely situated to the banks of the river Penna.

Depiction : The Saikata Lingam installed by Lord Sri Rama stands 56 inches high and still has the finger prints of Lord Sri Rama on it. The Hanumath Lingam is situated few steps away standing opposite to the Saikata Lingam.

Adjacent to Sri Ramalingeswaram Temple, there is a temple of Goddess Sri Raja Rajeswari Devi.

In this temple, Jagadguru Adi Sankaracharya has installed a "Sri Chakra Yantram" which is believed to be the spiritual power that protects the town and developed the town in many aspects. It is strongly believed that those who worship this Sri Chakra Yantram will be blessed and cured from all sufferings.

Architecture : The inscriptions in the temple say that the Gopuram is built by the famous King of Vijayanagara Empire, Sri Krishna Devaraya. The Gopuram stands at a five storied height with several images of gods such as Kumara Swami, Durga Devi, Ganapathi and idols of Lord Siva and Parvathi, Vishnu on his Garuda Vahanam, Krishna with Kaliya serpent sculptured on it. The entire structure signifies the remarkable skill of the ancient sculptors and the architectural excellence of the engineers. An amount of Rs. 1.35 crore has been sanctioned by the state government during the tenure of the Former Chief Minister Late Dr. Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy for the protection and further development of the temple.

How to reach :Mukti Rameswaram is in the town of Proddatur in Cuddapah District.
The nearest Railway Station is Yerraguntala which is 14 km from the temple. Number of buses
are available from Yerraguntala to take the pilgrims to this temple.

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