Rollapadu Bird Sanctuary, Near Nandikotkur, Kurnool

Location : Near Nandikotkuru, Kurnool District.

The Rollapadu Bird Sanctuary is the home to a number of wild animals, birds and reptiles. Among the wildlife found at the Rollapadu Bird sanctuary , there are Black Buck, Bonnet Macaque, Indian Bustard, Indian Roller, Sparrows, Mynas, Russell’s Viper, Indian Cobra, jackal, Wolf and Indian Fox.

The Rollapadu Bird sanctuary is also popular as it is the dwelling to the Great Indian Bustard which is an endangered bird. The landscape at the sanctuary is covered with thorny bushes as well as open grasslands which provide the ideal habitat for the animals and birds.

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Coverage Area : 614 Sq-km.
Main Attractions : Great Indian Bustard
Best Time To Visit : October to February.
Accommodation : Forest rest house at Kurnool, Inspection bunglow at Nandikotkur

How to reach :
Rail : Nearest railway station is at Kurnool.
By Air : Hyderabad
By Road : Nearest city Kurnool, Rollapadu Bird sanctuary is located 60-km away from Kurnool near Nandikotkuru.

There are also regular buses from Kurnool and Nandikotkuru to the sanctuary.