Sri Lakshmi Chenna Kesava Swamy Temple MarkaPuram

This temple is the main attraction for tourists visiting this town. The temple galigopuram is very tall and can be seen 5 km away from the town.The unique feature of the temple is that every year , from 23 December to 3 January , the sun's rays at dawn enter the sanctum sanctorum , through specially placed windows , and fall at the feet of the deity making them glow for 20 minutes in a day.

The galigopuram was constructed in such a manner that the sunrays would pass through three holes in the Garudalwar mandir between 6.40 a.m. and 7 a.m. every day for 12 days from December 23. The rays falling at the centre of the Garudalwar mandir would reflect on the idols in the sanctum sanctorum making them glow with golden hues. An incredible architectural feat that speaks volumes of the expertise of the artisans of the sri krishna devaraya period. According to the legend, the Lord killed a demon by name Kesi, so he became known as Kesava here. As the Lord was strikingly beautiful and accompanied by his consort Lakshmi,he was worshipped here as Lakshmi Chenna Kesava Swamy.

The temple, constructed in 1425 and known for its legends as well as archaeological marvels, has tremendous potential for development as a pilgrim and tourist centre. Apart from magnificently sculptured gopurams , the temple has a beautiful 40-pillared mandapam with carvings of Krishna , Anjaneya , Garuda , Lakshmi & Vigneshwara with their respective vahanas. In the Kalyana Mandapam there are 6 musical pillars that produce the 7 musical notes when tapped.The half constructed Galigopuram was completed in the stewardship of late Y.Lingaraju the then Revenue Sirasthadar.

Every year during the month of March and April, there will be a mela for more than 10 days, at that time it is assumed that at least 100,000 people visit the temple. There is a big teru(Car) where they take the utsav statue of the god during this ceremony. Recently they have demolished the old Car and constructed a new car.

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