Sri Kadiri Laxmi Narayana swami, Kadiri, Ananthapuram

Vedic Epic:

Bhagwaan Nrsimha or Narasimha at Kadiri is Svaymabahu, meaning, emerging from the roots of Khadri tree. The Moolavirat is that of AshtaBaahu SriNrsimha (having eight hands) cleaving Hiranyakasipu and transforming into a more protecting persona with Bhakta Prahlada standing beside him paying obeisances, with folded hands.Speciality of the deity at this temple: Astonishingly, after the daily Abishekha is performed, the Arca-Vigraha or Deity of Bhagwaan Nrsimha or Narasimha is seen sweating, despite being repeatedly wiped off by the Archakas here.

Several scenes from 'Ramayana' are painted on the ceiling of the 'Rangamantapa' and several frescos on that of the Lakshmi mantapa depicting scenes from the 'Bhagavata'. Many inscriptions on the temple mostly mention the gifts given by kings to the temple.

How To reach Here:
Kadiri is a Small town, Mandal and a municipality in the southeastern part of Ananthapuram district.
Near Airport : Bangalore International Airport.

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