Sri Govindaraja swamy temple, diguva Tirupathi, Chittoor

Well known as the temple that houses the elder brother of Lord Sri Venkateswara, Govindaraja Swami Temple in Tirupati is about 1 km from Tirupati Railway Station and 2 km from Tirupati Bus Station.

Saint Ramanujacharya consecrated the temple in 1130 AD. Govindaraja Swami Temple has two main shrines dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna. The shrine to the north is Sri Govindaraja, who is Lord Vishnu, lying on Ananta. The shrine to the south is Sri Parthasarathi (Krishna as the charioteer of Arjuna).

The idols of Rukmini and Satyabhama (Krishna's wives) are also found here. Govindaraja Swami Temple has a remarkable outer gopura and an inner gopura. The inner gopuram is the earliest one, dating between the 14th and 15th centuries and has carvings that depict scenes from Ramayana and Lord Krishna's life.

The sub-temples in its premises are:

Sri Parthasarathiswami Temple
Sri Kalyana Venkateswaraswami Temple
Sri Andal Temple
Sri Salai Nachiyar Ammavari Temple
Sri Ramanuja Temple
Sri Vyasaraya Anjaneyaswami Temple (Near Dwajasthambham)
Sri Tirumangai Alwar Temple.
Sri Kurath Alwar Temple
Sri Madhurakavi Alwar Temple
Sri Chakrathalwar Temple.
Sri Mudal Alwar Temple.
Sri Manavala Mahamuni Temple.
Sri Vedantha Desikar Temple.
Sri Woolu Alwar Temple.
Sri Anjaneyaswami Temple(Near outer Bugga).
Sri Nammalwar Temple.
Sri Sanjeevarayaswami Temple (opposite the Hathiramjee Mutt)
Sri Eduru Anjaneyaswamy Temple.

The important festivals conducted in Sri Govindarajaswami Temple are:
Vaisakha Festival (Brahmotsavam)
Float Festival
Bugga and Ponnakalva Utsavam
Sri Andal Margalineerattam Festival
Sri Salai Nachiyar Panguni Uttara Festival
Sri Bhashyakarla Utsavam
Sri Nammalwar Utsavam
Thiruvadipuram Festival
Thirumala Nambi Festival
Thiru Nakshatram of alwar
Manavalamahamuni Asthanam
Vedantha Desikar Utsavam

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