Pathala Nageswara swamy, Giddaluru

Temple History : (history taken FROM BHAAGAVATHAM )

This had 'Prathista' by Agasya maha muni dates back to/in Thretha yuga(second in four Yugamulu) on his way to south wards establishing Shiva temples.

It greatly renovated and had 'punah: Prathista' in "JanameJaya Prathista" by Janamejaya MahaRaju (he belongs to the genarations of Pandavas at the timing of Kaliyugam starting).

Giddaluru Name history : 
People here strongly believe that Siddhulu, Yogulu and Rishis used to perform Penance (Tapas) here. Hence it was named as "Siddaluru" which gradually transformed in to the present "Giddaluru" name. Siddha Purushulu used to travel through the cave way from the Pathala Nageswaraswamy temple to Srisailam for the maha shiva Darshanam.

BUS       :Hyderabad to Giddaluru is 339 km and by road. Chennai to Giddaluru 356 km by road.

Rail link : there are trains to Giddaluru depart from Hyderabad: Kacheguda (KCG). Its big railway station in this region.