Papavinasanam, Eguva Tirupathi (Tirumala), Chittoor

It is believed that the holy waters of this place dissolve the sins of the devotees. Hence this place is known as Papavinasanam. A dam constructed here regulates the water flow. Papavinasanam is about 5 km from Tirumala Temple.

Those who’ve been visiting Papavinasanam at Tirumala since long recollect of a time when there were no openings in the wall to conduct the holy water that is said to emanate from thePapavinasanam river. Apparently the water used to stream down the height without any conduit channeling it down. It was only later that outlets were made in the wall to channel the sacred water to the convenience of visiting pilgrims, and seven outlets ensure there’re no long queues at the place.

Adjacent to the bath is a dam that goes by the same name as the bath, Papavinasanam. It is one of the three dams the temple town sources its water requirements from, and is 255 metres in length with a catchment area of 8.44 Sq. Kms. The other two dams are the Akashganga, and the Gogarbham.

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