Ontimitta( VOntimitta)

Presence in Epic:

This is the place where the Kishkindakanda, one the 18 parvas of Ramayanam has happened. Kodanda Rama Swami temple is here.

French traveler Tavernier described is as one of the most beautiful temples in India. The Sanctum Sanctorum and annex structures were built in a vast area. The temple is very high. The canopy is built with 32 pillars. It is called Madhya Ranga Mandapam. Tavernier visited this place in 1652 A.D. he was astonished at the freedom the people here enjoyed. The archeological department is renovating it.

This temple which is built by Cholas has the sculptures of Rama Sita Laksmana and Hanuman down the hillock were carved out of a single rock(eka sila). This temple is well known for its magnifienent sculpture.

MAHAKAVI POTANA’, the most respected and venerated poet of Telugu literature spent his time at the feet of KODANDARAMA of Vontimitta. His transtation of ‘SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM’ into Telugu has left an indelible mark in the hearts of the people.

How to Reach:
Ontimitta is a mandal head quarters in Kadapa dt, Andhra.

Located 25 kms from Kadapa on the State Highway leading to Tirupathi.
The annual festival is celebrated with many splendors for nine days during March-April in connection with Sri Ramanavami and attracts thousands of Pilgrims.

At Ontimitta, where on the Sri Ramanavami day, Mutyalatalambralu is accorded to the lord by the state government along with Bhadrachalam.

[There are beautiful pictures : http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/travelogues/54261-xing-ing-around-gurramkonda-vontimitta-siddhavatam-brahmamgarimatam.html]

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